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hello friends/followers

me and the homie Adrian (after a year+ of thought/work/soul put in) are ready to show off the fruits of our labour. our very first zine ! ! ! a selection from all the photos we’ve taken thus far. please come join us MAY 2ND at the fortune project space .

don’t gotta feel weird about it…


(Source: wemeetinshadows)

showcasing some of the photos i’ve been taking for the past couple years along with the homie Adrian W. Ho's photos. been working on/conceptualizing/refining this for the past year and a bit.. finally we are done!! and we'd like to free this child out into the universe. please come join us in celebrating what we hope to be the first of many collaborative zine projects. ( limited quantities! ) sounds for the evening will be provided by our fam The Feel Good 


you ever just feel like disappearing? for no reason, without warning, just leaving everything you know behind… to a place you know nothing about… where no one knows you and nothing really matters. then you just sit there silent and still in that frightening/exciting moment as the world keeps spinning and people keep moving just as they always did.